Watch This Next - The OA

If you have already watched Season 1 of this amazing TV show The OA, then you will have to forgive me.

If you haven't seen The OA, then you have to log onto Netflix asap and rectify this!  

I was working away the other day when I realised that Season 2 of The OA had been released! I don't know how on earth I had forgotten about this release date but I was so excited.

I watched Season 1 last year and I absolutely loved it and binge watched episode after episode.  However I couldn't really remember the story line so I thought I would watch it again before I start on Season 2. It was even better second time around and I loved seeing little elements that I had missed on my first viewing.

If you like fantasy dramas with a sci-fi twist, then The OA could be right up your street.

A quick synopsis - A blind girl, missing for 7 years resurfaces with her sight and a belief that she is the OA (Original Angel).  Starring the amazing Brit Marling who also created and produced the TV show, Harry Potter fans will be delighted to also see Jason Isaacs playing one of the lead roles. Add Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler, Star Wars and The Night Of) and you have a stellar cast.

Definitely worth a look if you need something new to watch.  I'm off to watch  Season 2!  


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