Watch This Next - Captain Marvel

A Sunday night in the Loulou and Mo household and we couldn't resist a sneaky cinema trip to watch the new Captain Marvel movie.

To be honest though after watching Aquaman, I wasn't holding out much hope for it.  Yes, yes I know Aquaman is DC and this is Marvel but I was so disappointed with the merman that I thought I might actually be getting over the whole comic book movie franchise. 

Well my geeky friends, do not be alarmed!  My love of a good old superhero movie has returned with Vengeance! Captain Marvel was brilliant!

So as you know, I'm no fancy film critic so I'll just say I loved it.  It had a really retro and nostalgic feel to it and you can't help but feel the whole Top Gun vibe its got going on.  Brie Larson as Captain Marvel was so relatable - okay not as a extra-terrestrial kree warrior but as a character, I think a few of us left the cinema, like wow she's pretty cool, if I was a superhero I think I would be Captain Marvel - okay maybe that was just me....

Great cast as always, Samuel L you are a god among men! Jude Law, I know you are a bad boy but geez I just can't resist.  Loved seeing Ben Mendelsohn in this too ( Bloodline, Dark Knight Rises, Ready Player One ...)

So if you want a loud, action packed movie with great fight scenes and a handful of comedic moments thrown in along the way, then you will love Captain Marvel !

 One last question you might have ... Will I be making any bags with Captain Marvel fabric? I'm off to search for fabric right now! But until then you could always check out this gorgeous Marvel-Ous messenger! Click on the picture for product info...




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