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Do you fancy heading to the cinema this weekend but you don't know what to watch?  Well if you are a fan of a physchological thriller, "Greta" could be right up your street.

I had a vague idea of the plot line from the trailer I had seen, young girl finds a bag on the tube and returns it to the nice old lady only to find out that the nice old lady is actually a psychopathic stalker!

Watch the Trailer herehttps://www.grandcinemas.com.au/Movie/Greta

I really wasn't expecting this movie to be anything other than average  but I'm happy to say I was I actually loved it. 

This movie is a psychological thriller that literally keeps you on the edge of your seat until the credits start to roll.  Expect loads of jumpy moments and a couple of gruesome scenes.

Truthfully it isn't really a story that we haven't seen before but Isabelle Huppert makes a fantastic evil villain and it's definitely worth seeing.



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