"Dirty John" Podcast

Hi everyone!  

So this week I am working away behind the scenes of Loulou and Mo and adding the finishing touches to the website.  A web wizard I am not so I'll be here a while and I need something to help me pass the hours!

While I'm sewing I love to watch tv shows and movies but when I'm doing admin, I prefer to listen to podcasts or music.

This week I found the Dirty John podcast by the Los Angeles Times while I was scrolling through Spotify podcasts.

 I was keen to listen to this as I've seen the advert for the Netflix show with Connie Britten and Erik Banner.  Listening to the podcast before watching the show is my equivalent to reading a book before seeing the movie!


Dirty John is a true life crime drama based on the life of John Meehan, a con artist and sociopath and you get real life stories from the victims and family.  Definitely worth a listen!


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