How to shop locally in Perth - Perth Girlbosses!


I had a realisation this week that although I am Perth girl boss (all my products are handmade by me, here in Perth, Western Australia) I actually actively search to support other small local businesses when I am purchasing gifts for birthdays and Christmas.   When I am a seller at a market, I love nothing more than setting up a bit early so that I can grab a coffee and browse the other artisan stalls and do a little bit of shopping.  Sometimes I have spent a small fortune before the market even opens lol but I justify this as I'm only shopping in advance for things I would need to buy anyway. 

Whether it’s for searching for birthday gift ideas or indulging in a bit of self gifting (I am a sucker for beautiful handmade jewellery or candles) – there is something really fulfilling about buying from another maker.  I know the thrill of getting my first sale of the day and I love that I can give that to another business.

So I wanted to share some of the local businesses that I have found right here in Perth.  Shop local and support a local small Perth based business.  More than ever after Co-Vid, I feel like it is important to buy gifts from local businesses that have been hit hard after months of slow online sales and the fact that we have been unable to attend our usual markets.



If you are looking for a pair of statement earrings then you have to check out this business. Wow her designs are amazing - I am fangirling over the Rainbow Brite ones available on pre-order.

2. www.refindpreloved.com

Fashionistas and lovers of eco-friendly products and sustainable gifts - you have to check out this little gem of an online store.  Offering not only preloved, unique items of clothing and accessories - they also offer a personal styling service! It's like a glamorous online Op Shop.



3. www.facebook.com/miller.rose.botanic

As an un-green fingered plant killer, succulents are definitely my plant choice.  They need very little care and are pretty easy to maintain.  But who know you could do such amazing things with them!- Check out Miller.Rose.Botanics hair pieces!



I love candles and this is one of my guilty purchases, I just can't resist but wherever possible I try to choose soy candles.  Opulenza offer beautiful hand poured, eco-friendly candles in a range of high end designs and fragrances. 

5. Designer Liners

Ooh now this is a wee treasure trove of a shop.  They offer reusable breast pads and reusable makeup pads but also a range of kids clothes in the most amazing fabrics - think bubble o bill, Vegemite - they are fab!

6. www.littleloverugs.com

For anyone who is struggling for a gift for a newborn or maybe you need a new burp cloth or playmat for your little one, then you should check out little love rugs. How cool is this Jungle life playmat!


7. www.hayleygrugerartist.com

Are your walls looking bare?  Do you need a bit of art to brighten up your home?  If so Hayley Kruger has some amazing pieces on her website. How cute is this giraffe piece...


8.  One Happy Leaf

I thought I was just going to be recommending an amazing jewellery store when I researched One Happy Leaf but this store is a wee treasure trove and offers so many different items, jewellery, cake toppers, cufflinks, artwork... the list goes on and on.


9. Antipotea

If you love a good cup of Tea in the morning (or any time of the day) then you will adore Antipotea's range of hand blended teas.  They even offer a monthly tea subscription service - now that is a clever gift idea for someone who is hard to buy for.


10. Perth Soapworks

Perth Soapworks offer an amazing range of handmade soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars and even detergent bars.  As if that is enough, you can also go and visit them for a soapmaking course!

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